Wildberry Seamoss Gummies

Wildberry sea moss gummies are organic and vegan. Made with the combination of fresh pulled sea moss, organic coconut sugar. organic raspberry fruit extract, and organic mulberry fruit extract Then dehydrated.

42-48 pieces in one package.

9 Month Expiration, with no preservatives needed. No need for refrigeration. Safe for children above 2. It is actually a great source of natural minerals for them.

All natural 92 minerals. Sourced organically.

Do not eat more than 2 packs in one sitting.

The minerals and antioxidants in mulberries provide a variety of powerful health benefits. For example, the flavonoids in mulberries fight free radicals to limit oxidative stress. This is important, because oxidative stress can have a negative impact on several facets of physical, cognitive, and even emotional health.

Mulberries contain high levels of flavonoids. These compounds may hold major benefits for long-term brain health, including a reduced likelihood of experiencing cognitive decline, which can lead to a number of cognitive diseases and disorders. 




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We offer a wide variety of sea moss and herbal products that are all-natural, organic, and sustainably sourced. This means that you can trust that you are getting a product that is both good for you and the environment.